Hello World! Shelly’s Shiny New Blog

Hello world!  I am now blogging.  I actually began with journaling and skipped the blogging to go directly into micro-blogging. I have absolutely enjoyed the brevity of micro-blogging, but am looking forward to doing a great deal of the real thing!

I am have just completed a 2 year mentoring program as a District Manager in Training with H&R Block and am excited to be exploring careers as a District Manager.

I have been reading so many books I just cannot wait to start talking about my newest passion as a bibliophile in leadership and personal finance.  I loved “Overcoming Underearning” by Barbara Stanny.  I am currently working on “Brand You” by Tom Peters and “Go-Givers Sell More” by Burg and Mann.  Also on my bookshelf (on deck for future reading frenzies) are Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry & Greaves as well as “I Love You More Than My Dog” by Jeanne Bliss.

Ever the multitasker, I am also an NPR Marketplace junkie who generally adores nearly everything on NPR, BBC and KQED.

This is great, but I really should sleep so I am going to call it quits for tonight.


About Shelly Crouse-Monarez

Violin Performer and Mentor
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