The Benefit of a Sound Bite

After reading David Pogue’s “The World According to Twitter,” I began to reflect on the fact that we live in a sound bite world that was ripe for Twitter.  As I read Tom Peters’ “Brand You,” I connected the dots.  Resumes need to be sound bites too, because jobs are becoming sound bites.  In a tsunami of information, with a monsoon of qualified candidates, we crave depth, but don’t want to dive into a dangerous depth.

Or with another metaphor, we have to taste the nectarines before we buy pounds of them and regret it.  One of the benefits of a sound bite world is that even after we buy the depth, distraction is now completely socially acceptable.  If we do decide that the 8th or 4th or even 2nd half of the 1st nectarine isn’t as good, we can shift.  We don’t have to consume the rest, chewing laboriously and forcing “mmm” that we really don’t feel just because we are invested.

A Minnesotan friend was talking about telemarketers and how people feel bad hanging up.  Welcome to the new age of claiming distraction and not feeling rude.  The age of patiently listening to the entire presentation and giving away “an hour of your life you will never get back” is gone.  Time is the new commodity.  Worthiness can be lost at any minute.  I think this is wonderful because it requires that people deliver.  It is accountability for the common man.  This can get tiring, so it requires being able to go to a place where you can stare into nothingness to rest your eyes and ears at the end of the day.

And since the only constant is change, I am going to chose what I enjoy about the changes.  Speaking of which, today is Saturday.  I have some work-life balance to go catch up on.


About Shelly Crouse-Monarez

Violin Performer and Mentor
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