Ben Franklin’s Advice

Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man
Healthy, wealthy and wise.

I struggle with that particular piece of advice. As some of my faithful blog readers can see, I am a night person.

I want to be healthy, wealthy and wise just like Benjamin Franklin, but the early to rise is the challenge. Exercising is tough at the end of the day. I used to walk along the beach longer after sunset each night I tried. Trouble is, it woke me up and exacerbated the early to rise issue.

For the wealth piece, as I continue my job search, the message is continually hammered that 9-5 is the most profitable time to execute anything that involves someone else being at work. I had high hopes for the 24 hour world. Like the paperless office, the 24 hour world concept seemed like such a great idea.

The paperless office is clearly not _completely paperless, but so much of the information is readily accessible that it has changed the way we handle paper and information. Printing is not so much forĀ disseminationĀ and information as it is now essential for analysis and presentation.

The 24 hour world sounded like the panacea for us night owls. A world where we could get all of our business taken care of whenever it suited the nocturnally inclined. Yes, sort-of. Pure sales oriented services are absolutely 24 hours because research has shown that impulse shopping increases when tired. So 24 hour customer sales have a direct ROI (return on investment). Service and Help Desks are open later too, commonly until 10 or 11. Later, but clearly not “all night.” Anything that involves a brick and mortar office in a city and cannot be outsourced to somewhere rural like North Carolina or India is probably too dangerous to have people working there at a late hour.

As for the wise piece, I can attest that juggling a night life with a 9-5 world is hard on the brain. Very likely the cause of America’s high rates of sleep deprivation. After weeks of attempting to nudge my schedule 1 hr earlier each night, I found the weekends undid the hard work. So I coped by preparing the night before. A wise strategy, but not fool proof. We the comatose who clutch our lattes and chase the trains are not exactly capable of wisdom until several hours have passed. And what do we face first thing in the morning?Decisions requiring wisdom, attention to detail and sharpness.

Time to be settling in a little earlier tonight and to be making “earlier to bed” plans for the weekend.


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One Response to Ben Franklin’s Advice

  1. MMicky Shine says:

    Being a night person as well as a creative individual, I too have a problem with the ‘earlier to bed’ thing; perhaps like yourself, I find the darker hours have lent themselves, or mmy self to be inspired in many ways that the light hours hadn’t; yes, I’ve done the latter as swell but it just doesn’t feel the same. MMined you, coffee shops and that hang in both spheres of in flew whence do tend to be quite different when once considers a personal poetry experience. So again, like yourself, I’mm pretty torn between the 9-5 and the mid-knight sublime. Yes, aye due prefer the later ours that’s for sure but i have gained a little on the sun.
    Cool reading your posts there Shelly-C-M…
    Best to you,
    MMicky Shine
    NOTE U.S.

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