Create Your Own Serendipity

I was on a call two days ago and this charge has held me tight.

“Create Your Own Serendipity.”

The coach was using it to describe choosing to see the glass half full and seizing the opportunities presented that way.  In a previous post I discussed attending a talk about something entirely different that what I thought it was about. I chose to learn about success and leadership concepts even though I was not interested in the topic. This morning I was tired of whiners, but chose to see the leadership opportunity with a little guidance.  Yesterday I thought about how I could turn another request into a leadership opportunity.  This evening, I was tired and decided to check out an hour of a mixer. By placing myself where I could be found, guess what?  I sure was found.  I had a great time. Same thing last night.  Mixer led to a great evening of meeting people I needed to meet who could help me with a job I applied for last Friday.

Tomorrow I will be attending a talk given by women who have created their own serendipity.  It is entitled Women in Wealth Fund Management.  I am looking forward to learning how leverage multiple serendipities into a successful career.

Serendipity is fundamentally different from luck.  Luck does not involve effort.  It reminds me of the phrase my former boss was so fond of, “Make hay while the sun shines.”  That’s a reminder to leverage opportunity when it presents itself.  But serendipity goes one step further and involves discoveries made while one is actively looking for something else. Like finding money in your couch while you were looking for the remote.  Serendipity is like being in the moment where your recovery plan can take over seamlessly.

The recovery plan reminds me of the story of the Native American elder.  When the springs dried up and the game was gone, it was time for the tribe to move on.  But to where? The wise elder would take a piece of leather and work it in his hands until there were creases.  Then he would mark a few landmarks and use that creased piece of leather as a map of where the tribe should settle next to find plentiful game and new springs of water.  The map was a new creation guided by a relatively randomly created map.  That randomness led that elder to think outside of the box and lead the tribe to a place where the resources had not yet been depleted.  In essence, to the tribe’s future.

This is how I want to live in the now and the future I create.  The jobs that haven’t even been created, the ideas that have not yet been thought of.  And the precursors to such things are not yet in place.  Those require being open to an unplanned detour or 28 of them or so. I better get some sleep.  I have some serendipity to go create in the morning.


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