Today’s Aha

Today, I had an ensemble gig in Calistoga. The beautiful, rolling hills of the Napa Valley gave me lots of time to mull over things.

Right now, I am at the nexus of so many paths. Some doors opening, some closing. Some paths lit, some dark. I feel I am currently treading a bit of water in some areas while leaping ahead in others.

I have recently celebrated 1 year of private lessons with Jean Claire Martin, former concertmaster of the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. I have completed not one, but two international tours.

Life has come into sharp focus for me. I have chosen a path. Based upon my Corporate America managerial and career training, I am taking steps toward my goals.

The classical violin training is continuous education to make me a better violin teacher while strengthening my rudiments.

My coaching has helped me chart a course and surmount obstacles while mentoring others.

My work has reacquainted me with physical fitness, eating right, and taking vitamins. It has also fulfilled a “ham” need I never realized I had. It reconnects me with my past in radio. And it helps me pay the bills, current and past

.Working with management has helped me recognize the excellent management training I had.

Teaching 13 students has reminded me how much I enjoy teaching and what a good teacher I am.

I have recently taken a cello lesson in which I learned *why I am playing the cello so well.

I have recently joined a new Celtic trio. I will need to get some vocal lessons and study up on Irish tunes. I will also need to learn some Scottish fiddle technique.

Soon, I will need to get some teaching certification. Probably something like a specific method.

In the future, I will need to get my MM.

Today’s big aha was that I can go anywhere I want (musically), but I cannot stay where I am right now.
I better get some sleep…;)


About Shelly Crouse-Monarez

Violin Performer and Mentor
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