The Career Conundrum

Another day off, generally means undistracted time with my own thoughts. And like any working musician, my thoughts are often on how to pay the bills. The most precious gift I have is time. So spending 8 hours running around to make 8 hours pay makes for 16 hour days filled with traffic.

What I like to do is a loaded question. What I like to do is play the violin, but we know that doesn’t pay. What I’m good at is talking. Which doesn’t mean that I want to join a debt collector’s call center or be some snake oil salesman.

I’m intelligent, ethical, educated and think through things so I don’t want to work in a position or for a company whose workers or practices are meant to screw people. I’d like to have a job with work that betters the world rather than robbing it.

I am a talented manager, but so much of management, especially sales management means I need to take an entry level job. I’m not looking forward to working nights and weekends as long as I live. I’m not looking forward to being dumped on and unable to have any life outside work for 3 months.

But, I suppose the sooner I begin, the sooner I can have a life where I can answer the phone when it rings, pay bills on time, and see friends perform their $20 a head shows. The sooner I’ll be able to take classes at night and volunteer for cool stuff on the weekends. The sooner I can stop counting pennies.

Someday I hope to be able to sit on the couch in my own home on my own land and know that everything’s paid off and I have a house full of friends who will cheer me up when I’m down.

Someday while I’m still young and healthy, I want to be able to enjoy cooking and fashion and art. Theater and music and museums. Coffee and long walks and dances with friends.


About Shelly Crouse-Monarez

Violin Performer and Mentor
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